Suppose you are ready to end your marriage in Topeka, KS. In that case, the divorce process is very likely to be one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging ordeals you ever experience. Even if you and your spouse reach a mutual decision to divorce, the actual process can be incredibly taxing in several ways. Moreover, once your divorce is finalized, it will impact your life for years to come, or even permanently. While it’s impossible to predict exactly how a divorce case in Topeka, KS, will proceed, there are a few things you can proactively do to make the entire process easier for yourself.

Be Honest

One of the most important virtues to uphold during the divorce process is honesty. While it can be challenging for some divorcing spouses to imagine dividing their property or giving up time with their children through divorce, it’s essential to avoid doing anything that could cast you in a negative light in the eyes of the court. Specifically, lying about any aspect of your divorce is a bad idea. This includes lying to your attorney about the details of your divorce or lying on any formal court filings. If you lie to the court, you could face contempt and possibly even criminal prosecution, depending on the nature of the lie. For example, if you knowingly fail to provide a complete and accurate financial disclosure, you could face fraud or perjury charges. In addition, if you lie to your attorney for any reason, you are depriving them of the information they need to provide comprehensive legal counsel, and they may even walk away from your case.

Never Make Decisions Out of Spite

Every couple has different reasons for starting divorce proceedings. However, even if you are divorcing for cause, and your spouse has done something to seriously hurt you and forever change your view of them, it is vital to separate your personal feelings from your practical concerns during the divorce process. Unfortunately, many people who feel slighted by their soon-to-be ex-spouses give in to the temptation to act out of spite, thinking they will “teach them a lesson” or, at the very least, hold them accountable for their wrongdoings through divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, these beliefs are likely to backfire tremendously.

For example, suppose your spouse has committed adultery, and this directly led to the breakdown of your marriage. In that case, it is easy to feel that being spiteful and dragging them through a difficult divorce trial would be a clever way to exact some form of revenge. Ultimately, this will cost you as much as it costs them, if not more. Do your best to remain objective when it comes to your divorce proceedings. When you let emotional tension drive your decision-making processes, you will only be doing a disservice to yourself.

Remain Flexible and Willing to Negotiate

Once the divorce process begins, it can be easy to fall into the trap of planning your divorce agreement in your head, imagining the ideal resolution that provides you with your preferred divorce terms. It is crucial to remember that no matter what personal issues lie between you and your spouse, the court’s focus is equitability in most divorce cases. Do not become fixated on specific aspects of your divorce, such as which of you will get the marital home or how much alimony you should receive.

Working closely with your attorney and learning as much as you can about the divorce statutes of Kansas is the best way to keep your expectations realistic and manageable. When you become too fixated on certain aspects of your divorce, this can cause you to lose sight of other elements of the divorce process that are ultimately more impactful to your future, and you could overlook valuable channels of negotiation that would lead to a more fulfilling divorce order.

Take Full Advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many couples throughout the Topeka, KS, area choose divorce mediation to avoid the stress, expense, and time investment required for divorce litigation. Fighting out your divorce in the courtroom will lead to substantially greater legal fees, more stress and ultimately reduce the chance of securing the most favorable divorce terms in any divorce case. Your Topeka, KS, divorce lawyer can help you understand the mediation process and the benefits thereof, potentially guiding you to a more successful outcome through this private settlement process.

Divorce mediation is a straightforward, low-pressure process that only requires the divorcing spouses to negotiate. Even if you and your spouse cannot agree on anything, it is still possible to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution and save a tremendous amount of time and money on your divorce. Your Topeka, KS, divorce attorney can help you prepare for the mediation process, coach you before each session, and ultimately ensure your mediated divorce order suits your best interests.

Find the Right Topeka, KS, Divorce Lawyer

If you want to make your divorce easier on yourself, the most important thing you must do is hire an experienced Topeka, KS, divorce attorney to represent you. Even if you and your spouse are agreeable toward one another, attempting to handle your divorce on your own is never a good idea. You may overlook critical legal statutes that come into play in your proceedings, or you could mistakenly agree to divorce terms that do not truly suit your best interests. In addition, when you have no legal representation in a divorce, you are more likely to need to return to family court later to modify your divorce order.

Taking the time to find the right attorney to handle your divorce will pay off tremendously in several ways. You’ll be able to approach your divorce case with greater confidence once you have legal representation you can trust, and your attorney can advise you about the finer details of your divorce case you would have been likely to overlook on your own. Your attorney can also be a valuable lifeline when it comes to keeping you focused and objective about your legal options throughout your divorce case. So, take time to find the right Topeka, KS, divorce attorney to reach the best possible outcome in your divorce case.