Facing a divorce is rarely easy, and it is not uncommon for people in deteriorating marriages to fail to notice the signs that they may be heading for divorce. When you decide to end your marriage, or when your spouse decides they no longer wish to be married to you, the decision entails many legal processes and long-term consequences, often affecting a divorced person’s life for years to come.

It is essential to recognize not only the signs that you should expect to divorce soon but also the first steps you should take once the idea of an impending divorce becomes a reality. An experienced Topeka, KS divorce attorney is a great resource if you need answers to specific questions unique to your case. Still, it’s wise to have a foundational understanding of how divorce works in a legal sense.

Common Signs of a Distressed Marriage

It is perfectly natural for married couples to struggle through many different situations, from medical issues involving loved ones to financial troubles and interpersonal issues between spouses. These issues can eventually boil over and damage the relationship, ultimately steering the couple toward divorce. Some of the most common signs that a marriage has broken down past the point of reconciliation can be difficult for some to notice.

Communication problems are one of the most common obstacles faced in marriage. It’s normal for married couples to argue occasionally. When arguments escalate into full-blown screaming matches with neither willing to compromise, this is a sign that communication between the spouses is severely broken. Over time, marriage could reveal that the spouses are truly incompatible in important aspects. Some divorces come about when married spouses realize that they simply no longer work well together.

Some divorces manifest when a married spouse engages in an extramarital affair or otherwise violates the personal terms of their marriage. If the romantic relationship between the married spouses has evaporated, or if one or both of the spouses have explored other partners outside of the marriage, this is a good sign the couple should consider divorce. Additionally, infidelity and other violations of the personal contract of marriage could have legal implications if the married couple had a prenuptial agreement with an infidelity clause.

Aside from interpersonal issues and communication breakdowns, financial disagreements are another major cause of divorce in the US. Many couples fight about money. However, when married couples cannot come to cohesive terms about their shared finances, it can cause serious problems for their marriages.

Potential Remedies to Avoid Divorce

Just because a married person notices the telltale signs of impending divorce in their own marriage does not mean the marriage is entirely doomed. Many married people are willing to try and overcome their challenges to salvage their marriages, but both spouses must be onboard for this to work. Typically, if both spouses are willing to explore possible reconciliation, then they should do so before committing to the finality of divorce and all the expense it entails.

When couples are having communication problems or interpersonal challenges that are straining their marriage, there are many different types of counseling that can be beneficial. Couples therapy can provide them with the space and encouragement they need to have difficult conversations and feel more at ease with one another. Sex therapy could potentially help rekindle the romantic spark in a marriage, and budget counseling could help a couple overcome their financial hurdles as a team. An experienced Topeka, KS divorce attorney will usually begin a meeting with a new client by asking if they are absolutely certain they are ready to divorce.

It is also possible for some couples to legally separate if they no longer wish to be married but would like to remain legally married for the practical benefits it provides. This is common among older couples who wish to divorce and who have no desire to pursue further relationships. For example, an older couple who no longer wishes to live together but want to remain legally married for tax purposes may conduct a legal separation. It is also possible to secure an annulment if a marriage was technically never valid in the first place.

Once the need to divorce has been made perfectly clear, the legal proceedings for divorce may begin. This legal process begins once a married spouse files their divorce petition with the Topeka family court. The court, in turn, officially serves divorce papers to their spouse, and the divorce case officially begins.

First Steps in Managing Your Divorce Case

Once the signs of divorce have escalated to the point that you cannot imagine reconciliation, your first step in navigating the legal process of divorce should be hiring an experienced and reliable Topeka, KS divorce lawyer to represent you. Even if you believe your spouse will be willing to peacefully negotiate your divorce, it is always best to have legal counsel to ensure you do not make procedural errors or otherwise jeopardize your divorce case. Your attorney can help you determine the best approach to your divorce based on the reason for it and your spouse’s demeanor.

In some cases, divorcing spouses may be entirely unable or unwilling to compromise and must then litigate their divorces. Litigation may also be necessary if a divorce involves very complex financial questions, illegal activity, or domestic violence. Ultimately, every divorce case is different and every person who endures the divorce process in Topeka will have a different experience. If alternative dispute resolution such as mediation is a possibility in your divorce, it can be a wise choice. It’s best to explore it as fully as possible to cut the time and expense required to navigate your divorce case to a conclusion.

Find Legal Counsel Immediately

The most important first step in any divorce case is securing legal counsel that you can trust to guide you to a favorable result in your case. A good Topeka, KS divorce attorney will carefully review the facts of your divorce and help you determine the best approach to legally ending your marriage, prepare you for the proceedings you are sure to face in the near future, and ultimately ensure you receive a fair result from your divorce case.