Is a co-parenting agreement right for you?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

Co-parenting is a great way to support unity in your family after divorce. The written agreement or plan is typically created during or after the divorce process. It is meant to give you and your co-parent time to prepare for your new situation and understand expectations.

Who should have a co-parenting agreement?

Co-parenting is hard. There’s no way to get around that. If you share custody, you should create an agreement together.

If your ex is a noncustodial parent, they may not have the same parenting rights as you. In cases some cases, it may not be wise to share parenting responsibilities. Still, a written agreement can help set the expectations for things like visitation, contact and who will make decisions for the child.

What goes into a co-parenting agreement?

Your co-parenting agreement will address many different topics, but it is largely controlled by you and your co-parent. It will include your custody and visitation agreement, but you can also use it to talk about things like house rules, communication strategies and dispute resolution.

Why should I try a co-parenting agreement?

A co-parenting agreement sets the stage for the next phase of your family’s life. There are big changes happening. With a common understanding of the expectations and rules set in place for family life after divorce, you and your co-parent can help smooth the transition. Stability is especially important for children to feel secure and cared for. A co-parenting agreement can help you understand how to best provide that sense of stability.

With a co-parenting agreement, you may be able to avoid unnecessary conflict in the future. You will have a designated time to express your feelings and concerns before they become problems. You can later look back on the decisions that you made in your agreement to help resolve issues.

Co-parenting looks different for every family. Utilizing a co-parenting agreement means that you can tailor the next phase of your life to support success, whatever your situation is.

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