How child support is enforced

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in support on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

Child support enforcement is important for many families in Clayton. Understanding how to enforce a child support order is essential for many parents to ensure they receive the support they need for their children.

Methods of enforcing child support include the withholding of state and federal tax refunds; wage garnishment; seizure of personal property; suspension of an occupational license; suspension of a business license; revocation or suspension of a driver’s license; the denial of a passport; and jail time in some circumstances. The penalties for failing to pay child support are significant, which is why parents should be aware of them.

Knowing how child support enforcement works is not only important for parents receiving child support but also for parents who are paying child support, especially if they wish to modify their child support payments. A child support modification may be possible in some circumstances, for example, if the paying parent loses his or her job. If either the parents or the child experiences a significant change in circumstances, a child support modification through the family law court may be possible. It is important to work promptly through the family law court if a modification is necessary.

Child support helps ensure children have the financial support they need as they grow and develop. As a result, there are different methods of enforcing valid child support orders that parents should be familiar with in order to ensure their children receive the support they need. There are also options to help struggling paying parents, as the family law process serves as a resource for parents and families in many different situations.

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