What types of expenses are covered by child support?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in support on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

It is important to understand what child support payments are intended for because there are a number of expenses that child support is intended for. Knowing what is included in child support payments and what is not included is helpful for divorcing couples trying to work out child support concerns during their divorce or in circumstances of unmarried parents.

Child support payments are intended for basic necessities including housing, food and clothing but they are also intended for a variety of other expenses as well. Child support payments are intended for medical care; educational fees; childcare; transportation and travel costs; entertainment expenses; extracurricular activities; and college expenses. There are also some expenses that are not covered that may also be addressed in a divorce settlement agreement.

Parents are required to provide for the financial support of their children. Typically, parents are also required to provide some form of health insurance for their children. Commonly, if one parent has employer-sponsored healthcare coverage, they will be required to carry it for their children. Parents are also responsible for extraordinary medical expenses including co-pays, deductibles and surgery costs that are not covered by healthcare insurance. Child support may also be used for braces, eyeglasses, casts and other special healthcare costs.

Child support payments are intended to cover a broad range of costs and expenses associated with raising a child. It is useful for both paying parents and parents receiving child support to understand what child support payments are intended for to support their child as the child grows.

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