Uncontested divorce basics

Uncontested divorce basics

29683453_S.jpgDivorcing couples who are able to agree on many of the divorce-related issues they will need to resolve may be able to benefit from an uncontested divorce but may also have questions about what an uncontested divorce is. Understanding the basics can help divorcing couples decide if an uncontested divorce is the best option for them.

An uncontested divorce refers to when the divorcing couple agrees to divorce and to the major divorce-related issues they will need to resolve during their divorce including property division, child custody, child support and spousal support when relevant. An uncontested divorce is distinguished from a contested divorce that is commonly litigated through the divorce court process for couples who do not agree on property division, child custody, child support and other divorce-related concerns.

There are a variety of benefits divorcing couples may enjoy from an uncontested divorce process including less stress and acrimony during the process which can also be beneficial to any children involved. An uncontested divorce can also save time and money because the divorcing couple will not need to spend as much time disputing divorce-related concerns. Additionally, an uncontested divorce can also be a more private process.

When a couple agrees to a divorce and all the divorce-related issues, it allows them to efficiently reach a divorce settlement agreement and conclude the process and their divorce much faster than they otherwise would resolving each disagreement through the contested process. It is valuable for divorcing couples who find themselves in the position of agreeing to their divorce and major divorce-related concerns to understand the option and benefits of an uncontested divorce.

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