What legal resources are available if a parent abducts a child?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

Child custody can be an understandably emotional concern for most parents in Missouri. This can be even more true if a parent has abducted a child amid a child custody dispute. When a parent has had their child abducted, it is important for them to have their questions answered. It is also important for parents in such situations to know what legal resources may be available to them.

When a child has been abducted by another parent, the criminal justice can help with the return of the child, and the family law system can help modify the current child custody arrangement to prevent future repeat abduction incidents. Both state and federal laws and authorities are involved in a situation of parental abduction of a child. In addition, the Hague Convention may be involved if the child has been abducted across international borders.

When a parent abducts a child, if the parents have a joint custody arrangement or the other parent has sole custody, they have violated the other parent’s child custody rights and it is considered a serious violation. When a parent has violated a child custody arrangement, they may face large fines, jail time and the loss of custody or their visitation rights. It is best for parents wishing to modify their child custody arrangement to do so through the family law court.

Family law resources provide options to help parents enforce child custody arrangements or modify child custody arrangements as needed. It is useful for parents who have concerns about child custody to be familiar with these legal resources and to utilize them when needed.

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